Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us at B Academy. B Academy is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. This Privacy and Personal Data Policy explains our policy with respect to information we may collect about you and how we may use such information. This brings the way we hold, process and use your data up to date taking into account advances in technology. Please read this privacy statement carefully to understand how B Academy will collect, use, manage, protect and share your personal data, as we understand that this is important to you. We have a legitimate interest to collect your data, as we need this to be able process your details and this will only be stored for as long as necessary. This length of time will vary, depending on the reason that we have collected it, in cases of Health and Safety, this could be permanently.

Our legitimate interests are as follows:

  • Selling and supplying goods and services to our customers
  • Protecting customers, employees and other individuals and maintaining their safety, health and welfare
  • Promoting, marketing and advertising our products and services
  • Handling customer contacts, queries, complaints or disputes
  • Fulfilling our duties to our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders.

  • How we collect and store data

    We collect data about you in several ways: –

  • When you express interest about our courses or services
  • When you enroll on a course from your employer if they are funding your course
  • When you communicate with us via our website / by telephone / email when you enroll online or when you raise concerns or make enquiries
  • When consent is given for marketing purposes
  • When you contract to supply or receive a service from us
  • Care including Social Workers and Commissioners, schools and Local Authority including voluntary organisations such as PCVS and CAB)

  • Data is essential for our operational use. Whilst most of the information you provide to us is mandatory, some of it will be requested on a voluntary basis. We hold data securely for the amount of time shown in our Document Retention Schedule.

    What we collect We may collect the following personal data about you: –

  • Personal identifiers and contacts (such as your name, ID number, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, national insurance number, where you live and nationality)
  • Assessment and attainment (Information about your prior education and employment)
  • Identification documentation (Valid Passport and Driving License)
  • Information about your family and personal circumstances
  • Sensitive personal data concerning your health, any disability and information about your gender and racial or ethnic origin
  • Safeguarding information (such as Educational Health Care Plans, Local Education Authority referrals, court orders and professional involvement)
  • Special Educational Needs (including the needs and other professional involvement)

  • Most of the information we collect, we will get directly from you.

    How we use your data We use your information, including sensitive data in the following ways: –

  • To support you during your time with us
  • To monitor and report on attendance, progress, examinations and assessments
  • To help us assess the quality of our courses and services
  • To assess your eligibility for funding, bursaries, course fees and student loans
  • To help us deal with enquiries, referrals, enrolments, complaints, suggestions and grievances
  • To enable us to provide information, advice and guidance
  • To conduct research, both internally and on behalf of government bodies
  • When monitoring equal opportunities
  • When administering finance (e.g. fees, bursaries)
  • To ensure your safety and security
  • Promoting our products and services
  • To meet the legal requirements

  • We use your health data for protection of public health, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, planning and management of health care and financing. We use your other sensitive data with your explicit consent.

    Who we share your data with and why We may share your personal data;

  • In our group companies in order to manage our operations and provide the best service,
  • When we use services other companies, (i.e. we may share your payment information with relevant third party companies while receiving payment from you)
  • With third parties in order to ensure safety of you and the business,
  • When law enforcement bodies request information (i.e. courts, police units, prosecution offices etc.),
  • With third parties for other business purposes (i.e. for audits, executing our legal rights)

  • We use your data only for relevant purposes, to provide the best service and in accordance with the law.

    Use of Cookies

    When you use our website, access information related to you, such as your service provider name, your IP Address, your browsing information and location may be collected. This information is used for improvement of our infrastructure, statistical evaluations, and better targeting of marketing material. The operated cookies may also be used for collecting information on your usage to enable the website's functionalities such as customization, to mitigate risk (e.g. by prevent fraud), manage our infrastructure, and to promote our services.

    Your Rights as Data Owner As a data owner, you have the rights to,

  • Learn whether your data is used,
  • Learn the purpose of process of data,
  • Learn whether your data is used in accordance with the purpose,
  • Learn the third parties that receive your data,
  • Request to correct and update your data,
  • To object to and request restriction of processing of your personal data,
  • To request indemnification for any damages arising from unlawful processing of your personal data.

  • You have choices available with respect to our privacy practices. You may always decline to provide personal data. However, if the information you have declined to provide is mandatory for provision of our services, you may not use our services. All your personal data is received for the best service.
    If you wish to gain access to or correct your personal information or make a complaint about a breach of your privacy, you should contact:

    Company Name: DoktorB Akademi Eğitim A.Ş.

    MERSİS Number: 0309057712300001

    Adress: Fulya Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cad. No:80 34394 Mecidiyeköy / İstanbul


    Phone: +90(545) 362 86 72