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International Aesthetic Surgery Symposium 2019

Aestheticstanbul 2019 is one of a kind meeting in plastic surgery field where the participants will be able to experience a total of 30 live surgeries with direct access of simultaneous Q&A sessions with the operating surgeons. It will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 11th to 13th October, 2019.


It was a very educational symposium where the world's best plastic surgeons attended, 31 operations were performed in 3 days and presented to the audience in an interactive way.

Dr. Renato Calabria

Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills

Dr. Luiz Toledo

Plastic Surgeon, Dubai

Meet us in Istanbul

A full 8,500 years old, glamorous history, Istanbul! The old capital of many empires, Europe and Asia, the unique Bosphorus, private museums, palaces, mansions, historic modern bazaars and fascinating atmosphere with different religions, languages ​​and cultures continue to host.
The rich variety of Turkish cuisine, the exquisite dessert options, delicious meat, fish and vegetable specialties from up to Turkey's gastronomic panorama, an exceptional cuisine reflects the cultural heritage from synthesis. Istanbul, which is one of the main air traffic centers connecting many international airlines, is as close as a plane!
"Sleepless City ” that different cultures living in harmony in Istanbul, Turkey's best dining, shopping, music and entertainment, activities, cultural art exhibitions and concerts! Explore the beautiful İstanbul!