Patrick Tonnard graduated in 1987 cum laude as a doctor of medicine at the University of Ghent, after which he continued his training in plastic surgery under the guidance of the highly respected Professor Guido Matton.

After his training in Belgium, he further specialized in facial surgery with the world-renowned Professor Fernando Ortiz Monasterio in Mexico City, in breast surgery with Dr Pat Maxwell in Nashville and in nose surgery with Dr Gary Burget in Chicago.

In 1997 he founded the Coupure Center for Plastic Surgery in Ghent, where he has been running the practice in aesthetic and plastic surgery since 1999 together with his partner Dr Alexis Verpaele.

In 2008, together with Dr Verpaele, he founded the Esthetisch Medisch Centrum 2 in St-Martens-Latem, a fully equipped private clinic with state-of-the-art operating theaters and accommodation for overnight patients.

In addition to his busy practice with patients from home and abroad, Dr Tonnard remains scientifically active in the world of plastic surgery.

In the field of surgical facial rejuvenation, he remains particularly creative and regularly implements groundbreaking and innovative techniques. The MACS-lift short scar facelift and Nanofat are 2 innovations in plastic surgery that bear his name.

Important keynote publications are published under his name and some 50 scientific articles appear in international scientific journals.

He is also a much sought-after guest at scientific conferences and courses worldwide.

In the meantime, he has already completed more than 200 oral presentations and is invited worldwide several times a year to teach and demonstrate his ever-innovative techniques in live surgery and aesthetic treatments in the leading international centers.

Dr Tonnard is a member of several domestic and foreign scientific societies including the prestigious International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)In 2015 he obtains a doctorate (PhD) at the Faculty of Medicine of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with the title: “The Role of Fat Grafting in Facial Rejuvenation: A New Paradigm in the Reconstruction of Youth”. His mission has always been to simplify surgical techniques into a no-nonsense essence maintaining efficiency and a natural result while reducing complications. He is a pioneer in research of the regenerative properties of stem cells in adipose tissue transplants and the mechanical dissociation of adipose tissue (Nanofat). Recently his research is focused on the regenerative potential of a cell-free fat extraction by hormetic manupulation of adipose tissue.  Social engagement is an important cornerstone of Dr Tonnard’s surgical activity. He actively supports various charity projects and he is co-founder of the Flemish non-profit organization See & Smile. Since 2000, he has accompanied more than 20 surgical missions to Myanmar, helping children and adults with cleft lip and palate. This translates into more than 2000 patients being cured of this congenital facial defect. Privately, Dr. Tonnard’s main interests are yoga and meditation, from which he draws much inspiration to personalize and perfect his surgical activities.   “Inspired by patients,Driven by science,Guided by passion” Patrick L Tonnard  For the most important scientific awards, publications and books: click here.  AWARDS- Price of the best paper presented at the EURAPS meeting, Vienna, 2003- Raymond Vilain Award for an outstanding scientific presentation at the ASAPS meeting in Boston, 2003 and in Vancouver 2004- Ideas and Innovation Award at the ISAPS meeting in Rio de Janeiro, 2014: “Nanofat grafting”- “Highly Commended Award” for the book Centrofacial Rejuvenation from the British Medical Association, 2018. SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES Publications:Author of 52 scientific papers in A1 and A2 peer reviewed international publications Amoung the most important: 1. Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift : a modified S-lift Patrick TONNARD, Alexis VERPAELE, Stan MONSTREY, Koen VAN LANDUYT, Philippe BLONDEEL, Moustapha HAMDI, Guido MATTON. PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY JOURNAL – 2002, 09 – 6, 2074 – 20862. 300 MACS-lift short scar rhytidectomies : analysis of results and complications, Patrick TONNARD, Alexis VERPAELE- EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY3. Optimizing results from Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lifting (MACS lift), Patrick TONNARD, Alexis VERPAELE, Sibila GAIA. AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY – 2005 – 29 – 213 – 2204. Short Scar Face Lift, Patrick TONNARD, Hamid MASSIHA, Foad NAHAI, Daniel C. BAKER – AESTHETIC SURGERY JOURNAL, 2005, November/December 2005, 607 – 6175. The third suture in MACS-lifting: Making mid-face lifting simple and safe, Alexis VERPAELE, Patrick TONNARD, Ali PIRAYESH, F.P. GUERAO, Sibila GAIA, JOURNAL OF PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY, 2007, 1287-956. The MACS-lift Short Scar Rhytidectomy : operative strategies, Patrick TONNARD Alexis VERPAELE, AESTHETIC SURGERY JOURNAL, 2007, March/April, 188-1987. MACS-Lift Surgery in Male Patients. Our Experience in 50 Cases over 10 years, Alexis Verpaele, Patrick Tonnard, Pieter Vermeulen, Leith Barnouti, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Springer V), 20098. Nanofat Grafting: Basic Research and Clinical Applications, Alexis Verpaele, Patrick Tonnard, Geert Peeters Moustapha Hamdi, Maria Cornelissen, Heidi Declercq, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal , 2013, Volume 132 Number 49. Sharp-Needle Intradermal Fat Grafting (SNIF), Alexis VerpaelePatrick Tonnard Assaf Zeltzer, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2013, April,10. Augmentation Blepharoplasty: A Review of 500 consecutive patients, Alexis Verpaele Patrick Tonnard Assaf Zeltzer, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2013, April11. The Role of Microfat Grafting in Facial Contouring, Nicole Lindenblatt, Astrid Van Hulle, Alexis Verpaele, Patrick Tonnard. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2015, Volume 357 (7) 763-771 Oral Communications:More than 200 scientific papers communications, invited lectures and courses at national and international congresses  books:-scientific:“The MACS Lift – Short-Scar Rhytidectomy”, Patrick Tonnard, Alexis Verpaele. Quality Medical Publishing, St Louis, 2004“Short-Scar Face Lift – operative strategies and techniques”, Patrick Tonnard, Alexis Verpaele. Quality Medical Publishing, St Louis, 2007“Centrofacial Rejuvenation”, Patrick Tonnard, Alexis Verpaele, Richard Bensimon. Thieme, New York, 2017“Regenerative Facial Surgery” Patrick Tonnard, Alexis Verpaele, Steve Cohen, Tunc Tiryaki. Quality Medical Pulishing, St Louis, 2022 -popular:“Schone Schijn” A manual for plastic surgery patients with information and answers to questions in great demand. Patrick Tonnard. Van Halewijck, 2000“Verliefd op het tweede gezicht”, an interview on technical and philosophical questions on facial rejuvenation surgery. Patrick Tonnard, Alexis Verpaele, Houtekiet, 2009 Book Chapters:•The MACS-Lift Short Scar Rhytidectomy. Patrick TONNARD, Alexis VERPAELE. Quality Medical Publishing. The Art of Aesthetic Surgery. Principles & Techniques. Ed. Foad Nahai, St. Louis, Misouri, 2005, Volume II, 969-1016 •Lower Third of the Face: Indications and Limitations of the Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift, Alexis VERPAELE, Patrick TONNARD. Clinics in Plastic Surgery – Facelifts, Part II. Ed: Malcolm D. Paul. W.B. Saunders Company/Elsevier. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008, October – volume 35, 4, p. 645-659 •The MACS Lift – Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift. Patrick TONNARD, Alexis VERPAELE. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic. Ed. Dimitrie E. Panfilov. 2007, p. 359-365 •Combining Microfat Grafting with the MACS-Lift Face Lift and with Facial Reshaping Procedures. Patrick TONNARD, Alexis VERPAELE. Quality Medical Publishing. Fat Injection: From Filling to Regeneration. Ed. Syd Coleman, Ricardo Mazzola, St. Louis, Misouri, 2009, Volume II, p. 321-372 ·Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation with Nanofat Grafts. Patrick Ton nard, Alexis Verpaele, Marcelo Carvas. Clin Plast Surg, 2020 


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