Mark Joseph Holterman


Mark Joseph Holterman


1980 Yale University – B.A., Biology, cum laude
1987 University of Virginia – Ph.D.
1988 University of Virginia – M.D.

6/88 – 6/93   Resident in General Surgery
University of Virginia Health Sciences
Charlottesville, Virginia
7/93 – 6/95   Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery,
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center,
Instructor in Surgery, Univ. of Washington,
Seattle, Washington
8/95 – 6/97   Research Associate, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal
7/97-12/10   Assistant then Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

8/00-7/12     Attending Pediatric Surgeon, Rush University Medical Center

8/08-12/10   Surgeon-in-Chief, Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL

1/11- 1/18    Full Professor, University of Illinois College of Medicine

1/18-present CEO and Founder of Mariam Life (nonprofit,technology development and distribution).

5/18-present CEO and Founder MariamTek, Inc. Technology development and holding company,

9/2007-present Board member and founding member of the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) Non-Profit with the mission of increasing surgical capacity for the children of Vietnam. Involves surgical trips to Vietnam twice a year.


Illinois license # 036-095619

Maine License-Active, but I never practiced there

Montana License-Active, but I never practiced there

National Practitioner Identification # 1033168273

General Surgery Board certificate # 38996

Pediatric Surgery Board certificate # 726

Honors and Awards:

9/76 – 5/80 National Merit Scholar, Yale University

9/80 – 12/88 NIH Medical Scientist Training Program

6/2001 – 6/2003 American Diabetes Association, Innovative

                          Research Award


Fellow, American College of Surgeons

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics, Surgical Section

American Pediatric Surgery Association

Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons



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14) Vasilevko V, Ghochikyan A, Holterman MJ, Agadjanyan MG., CD80 (B7-1) and CD86

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9) Holterman, MJ, Holterman AL and Browne, AF, “Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents”, In

Operative Pediatric Surgery, Ziegler M, et. al. editors, 2014 Service to the University

Department of Surgery-UIC

Journal Reviewer

Journal of Immunology

Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Frontiers in Pediatrics

Officer in National Organization

Clinical Councilor, American Assoc. of Clinical Anatomy, 2005-2007

Service for National Organizations

Publication Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics, Surgical Section, 2007-2009

Committee for Childhood Obesity, American Association of Pediatric Surgery, 2009-present

Chair, 2016-2018.

Finance Committee, American Association of Pediatric Surgery, 2010-2012

Program Committee, Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, 2011-present

Program Committee Chairman, Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons 2014-2016

 Patents and Inventions:

7,527,972, Uses of bispecific antibody coated dendritic cells pulsed with antigens and GM-CSF in immune regulation, Prabhakar BS, Vasu C, Holterman MJ, Merrigioli MN

7446189, Nucleic acids encoding mutant human CD80 and compositions comprising the same. Weiner, D, Sekaly RP, Agadjanyan M and Holterman MJ

UIC-2010-031 “Stem Cell Immune modulation and Its Molecular Mechanisms”.




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