Dr. Beatriz Nicaretta

Dr. Beatriz Nicaretta is a Brazilian trained Board certified Plastic Surgeon and has elected to focus her interests and talents exclusively in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the face and body.She holds a charismatic personality, always keen to inform their patients and to deliver natural and harmonious results, up to the smallest details. Her passion for beauty started very early, and at the age of 16 she entered the medical school being as one of the youngest ever medical students in her Institution.Dr. Nicaretta is a member of the Postgraduate Association of ULBRA University, where she obtained her medical degree at the age of 22, and is serving as a corresponding member of the Brazilian Association of Plastic Surgeons, in Athens, Greece. She pursued her residency in General Surgery at Luteran Hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She undertook her residency in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in General Polyclinic, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and attended the Ivo Pitanguy Institute, an internationally leading center of modern aesthetic plastic surgery. She obtained her Master degree in Medicine from the University of Porto, in Porto, Portugal, where she was also granted license to practice in the European Union after undertaking the formal state exam of Diploma revalidation. It is this kind of dedication to knowledge and training that has allowed Dr. Nicaretta to develop technically advanced skills to empower her sense of artistry – to provide her patients with aesthetically accurate improvements.Dr. Beatriz Nicaretta shares her time between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Athens, Greece. She is married to Dr. Aris Sterodimas and she is a wonderful mother to their spirited child Aikaterini & Konstantinos. Outside her professional goals, Dr. Nicaretta takes time to enjoy the nurturing setting of the Brazilian continent.